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  • Support
Synergy high
DPS low
Independence low
Acquiring basicsvery easy
Achieving masteryeasy
This build is very common in PuGs. It is currently the best heal build to use in PuGs. More info about this can be found here. This build provides a high amount of boons and a lot of safety to the group via its healing. It, therefore, shines most in less experienced groups as well as when you have bad instabilities.
The Heal Alacrity Mechanist provides permanent Might, Alacrity, Fury, Regeneration and Vigor, as well as some Protection. It also has access to a small amount of Aegis, Stability through
It offers a large of healing thanks to
, permanent Regeneration and Vigor that you get from
. Whenever you use a Jade Golem skill it pumps out more healing when traited with
. You can also provide a huge amount of Barrier with
maintaing a near permanant uptime on your party.
Note that this build variant is optimized for 150 agony resistance. If you have more Agony Resistance, feel free to swap out more Harrier pieces but make sure you are maintaining as close to 100% Invalid Attribute Boon duration as possible. Check the gear optimizer for more gear variants!
Default Build
  • Inventions
  • Alchemy
  • Mechanist
Situational Traits and Skills
Common Utility Skills
Used to provide CC if no other utility is needed
Can be used as a stunbreak and also allows greater control of your mech porting it and yourself to your target. Additionally can be used as a dps increase,
Deals a large amount of CC. If using
will also share Protection
If using
can be placed to share Swiftness
Has access to a block with
and a pull with
Can be used for some emergency boonstrip
Can be used to resummon your mech if
is on cooldown
A Scrapper skill, used for group Stealth in T4 fractals.
Situational Traits
Taken if you are running turret skills. Grant boons depending on the deployed skills.
Useful on condi heavy and boonstrip heavy encounters to mass condi cleans and generate boons.
In the Scrapper traitline. Useful to share Superspeed for movement and skips.
Defiance Bar Damage
SkillDefiance Bar Damage
100 damage
150 damage
100 damage
232 damage (hits twice if not destroyed)
232 damage
Chilled 33/s damage
Crippled 20/s damage
Weakness 20/s damage
Skill Explanations
  • offers projectile reflection and some CC when released though
  • can be used as a long block that CCs any enemies attacking you. After the block is over it will cc with
A large part of the support is generated through the use of your Jade Mech and Kits.
Engineering kits can be opened instantly to give access to 5 new skills, which when closed again return you to your weapon set. Each kit skill will have its separate cooldown, although as you play the class you come to get a feel for when each skill will be available.
Your jade mech is your main source of Alacrity generation, while also providing a significant portion of your other boons. It inherits your concentration and healing power thanks to
  • and your Mechs auto attacks will slowly generate a small amount of might thanks to
  • grants Alacrity, Protection, Stability and Aegis to 5 targets. It also is a condition cleanse and a stun break.
  • pulses Might abd Fury to 5 targets resulting in 30 seconds of Might and Fury being shared. It also generates a large amount of Barrier which in turn generates Alacrity thanks to
  • You can summon your Mech using
    and recall it with
  • Sometimes your Mech can get stuck, you can try to use Return to Me to get it to come to you, if this doesn't work you may have to recall it instead. Alternatively if
    is availible, this can be used to port your Mech to your target.
  • Remember your Mech commands will generate boons in a radius around your Mech. Make sure it is in range of you and your party before using them!
Your Med Kit is your main source of healing. It has a mixture of condi cleanse, supportive boon generation, and burst healing thanks to
  • and
    provide a large amount of constant healing to your party.
  • will cleanse up to 4 conditions over 3 seconds, while also providing a water field that can be used for blast heals.
  • is a large group heal that should be used to recover from high incoming damage.
  • is a blast finisher that can be used to blast your water field from
    for burst healing. It also provides some Regeneration, Vigor and Swiftness.
  • Remember that many skills in
    heal in a small radius so make sure you are close to your party.
Provides some additional support through condi cleanse, some burst healing, and slow CC.
  • applies Weakness for some slow CC.
  • applies Crippled for some slow CC. When hitting an enemy it will also share Swiftness to allies.
  • is a mass condi cleanse, cleansing up to 5 conditions from allies. It also applies a small amount of Vulnerability.
  • is a blast finisher. Also since it is an Elixir it grants Might through
  • is a burst heal, Once hit it also creates an area of continual healing for 10 seconds, making this one of your best healing abilities. It also condi-cleanses and grants Might through
  • While not every skill in this kit is commonly used, in particular, the condi cleanse and burst heal are very useful in high-pressure situations.
While not every skill is commonly used, it still provides some slow CC and has access to a strong AoE pulsing heal.
  • applies a large amount of slow CC through Chilled.
  • applies some slow cc through Blinded.
  • is a strong AoE pulsing heal that can be used proactively before high pressure situations. It also grants Might through
Providing Boons
Standard Boons
  • Alacrity is applied by two methods. The first is
    , which should be pressed off cooldown. In addition to this through the trait
    , when you apply Barrier you will also share Alacrity. With high Boon Duration it is very easy to upkeep 100% duration.
  • Might is mainly generated from
    , which will allow you to easily maintain 15 stacks. Outside of this you slowly generate Might thanks to
    , which slowly will ramp might up to 25 stacks over time. If Might is really suffering, you can also use utility skills such as
    along with
    to help.
  • Fury will be provided through pressing
    off cooldown. As long as you have at least 62.5% Boon Duration you will be able to maintain 100% uptime.
  • Swiftness is provided mainly through
  • Regeneration can be maintained permanantly by using
    off cooldown. When using
    , you also share it when using
  • Protection can be maintained permanantly by using
    off cooldown. Additionally using you Shield skills will also share some through
  • Stability is lacking on Heal Mechanist, with
    providing 1 stack on a 24 second cooldown (with Alacrity).
  • Aegis is lacking on Heal Mechanist, with
    providing 1 stack on a 24 second cooldown (with Alacrity).
  • Vigor can be maintained permanantly by using
    off cooldown. When using
    , you also share it when using
  • Barrier helps to provide Alacrity through the trait
    , while providing excellent damage mitigation. You have 3 main methods of generating Barrier;
    passivley generates it over time, Your utility skills
    and finally by using
    Your third auto attack skill on Mace.
Pre-Stacking Boons
  • To provide most of your boons, you can simiply cast
  • If there is no fire field you can provide one with
    (Skill 4) in
  • To blast your firefield to share Might, Engineer has blast finishers on many of its skills. Your most acessible blasts on Heal Mechanist are:
    • in
    • in
    • if you used
      to provide a firefield,
    • , the second activation of Shield 4.
Sustained Healing
  • A large amount of your sustsined healing comes from traits.
    generate a lot of passive healing to yourself, which is then shared with
    and amplified with
  • When under constant pressure
    can be used. It is reccomended to use
    first due to its shorter cooldwon.
  • If your parties hp is not full you can use
    which is very strong. However, you should first consider other abilities to heal your party quicker since you want to maximize your time on mace to generate Barrier.
  • Your best form of sustained healing is to keep your Barrier uptime high. By using
    and if needed
    , your party will not lose much health due to tanking damage.
Burst Healing
  • and
    can be used for some burst healing.
  • Aditionally you have 2 water fields with
    which can then be blasted with
    for massive healing.
  • If you don't have any burst healing abilities up, you can use
    for a large amount of Barrier to help sustain your party while you heal them back up.
  • If you are anticipating a large amount of incoming damage using
    before for strong healing over time can be useful.
Condition Cleanse
  • Your strongest condition cleanse is
    , removing up to 5 conditions on 5 targets.
  • Blasting Light Fields also causes area condition cleanse. You can place light fields with
    and then blast with
  • If you have a high amount of condition pressure you can use
    for a longer-lasting condition cleanse over time.
Underwater Guide
When underwater, Heal Alacrity Mechanist is unplayable due to your
skills not being availible, which leaves you with a couple of options. You can either swap class to a Alacrity provider that will work underwater (Renegade or Tempest). Alternatively, if you want to stay as an Engineer your best option is to swap to Heal Quickness Scrapper.
  • Scrapper
Your other trait lines remain the same as on land.
Underwater Gear
  • Minstrel

The rest of your gear will remain the same as on land.
Remember to equip a
to your Aquabreather, so you will get the 6th bonus underwater!