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Apply to Discretize

Our members are frequent and audited fractal runners. Many of us are running fractals for years now and expect fast, high quality runs. To ensure new members can fulfill these requirements a trial has to be passed in which we not only monitor your gameplay but also your attitude and personality.
As a prerequesite we expect applicants to have carefully read not only their respective build pages but also the guides and studied the provided material in depth. It is more important to present yourself as a player who is willing to improve than to be the perfect player already. We highly advise joining a static team and try out more advanced strategies before applying to collect experience already. To find a static you can use the #looking-for-static channel on our public discord server.
We offer
  • a mature community that constantly aims for improvement.
  • feedback and advice on your performance
  • direct contribution and input on the website
  • a place to learn and discuss strategies.
Requirements to be accepted as trial
  • Builds: at least one dT daily build for Power (Soulbeast, Renegade, Scrapper, Dragonhunter, Weaver) and Condi (Soulbeast, Firebrand,Mirage, Specter, Renegade, Harbinger)
  • Underwater build:
    • A build that is strong underwater
    • Aquabreather: ascended
      with agony infusion and an appropriate rune.
    • Underwater weapons: appropriate ascended underwater weapons including their respective sigils.
  • Nourishment (Food):
    • Power:
    • Ascended Feasts will be provided via the guild bank.
  • Enhancement (Utility):
    • Power:
    • Condi: depending on your build
  • Sigils:
    • Power:

      Class specific sigils: check the build guides and CM-guides for more information.
    • Condi: check the build guides.
  • Logs: For every build you are applying with a log for all CM bosses (for Sunqua Peak CM only condi logs are required). Logs recorded in pick up groups must be from the latest game changing patch and shouold not include a healer. The final DPS number is not whats used exclusively to evaluate a log!
    Therefore, the application requires 6 Power logs and 2 Condi logs.
  • own the
  • own the
  • willingness to improve: learn new strategies, new classes, and satisfy the gear requirements.
  • the ability to speak in english with a working microphone.
  • be mature, helpful and not toxic towards other players no matter how they perform or act.
  • be 18 years old or older.
Trial Phase
To maintain our standards you are required to go through a four-week trial phase:
  • First week:
    • Introduction run
    • Get acquainted with the strategies
  • 2nd-4th week:
    • Use the discord LFG to create or join daily runs and submit the logs. Two full sets of logs are required per week.
    • Get detailed feedback on your logs.
    • We do not expect perfection, but progression and aim to recruit well rounded players that have knowledge about clearing fractals fast in a daily setting.
  • By the End of the 4th week we expect consistent gameplay, knowledge about your class, and how it interacts with the group.
During your trial period, you are not allowed to represent dT! You are expected to not be toxic towards any players in any game mode. Reports of toxicity lead to immediate termination of your trial.
If you are already highly experienced with advanced strategies and we can very clearly see this from the logs you provide us with, the learning phase can be skipped. Whether we allow this is at our own discretion on a case-by-case basis. Put a note on your application if you want this to be considered.

Applying without a slot being available results in being put into a queue and invited to our internal Discord until a trial slot frees up. You are encouraged to improve yourself as you will have access to most of the channels on Discord. Feel free to ask questions from dT members or find people to play with there.
We are currently recruiting the following roles. One Power and one Condi build are required for the role you apply on.
Apply form
After carefully reading through all the information we encourage you to apply.
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