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  • October 21, 2023
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  • Condi Damage
Synergy high
DPS average
Independence high
Acquiring basicsaverage
Achieving masterychallenging
This build is mainly to be used in condition comps. In power comps Power Renegade is strictly better due to a lot of factors such as quick burst, more support, and more versatility.
Condi Renegade is an unique build that may only be played in condition comps, since it performs much better than Power Renegade. Condi Renegade has decent damage output and can be pretty efficient when played properly. Condi Renegade provides Alacrity and some Might through
respectively. Finally, to top it off this build has high CC capabilities with
Condi Renegade is pretty independent due to its rather good mobility (
) and permanent 25 Might thanks to
For more variations to suit your needs/Agony Resistance check our Gear Optimizer.
If you have another class in your party that can provide some Alacrity like a Renegade or Specter, you can play Condi DPS Renegade and provide ~57% Alacrity uptime with
and 15% Boon Duration.
  • Viper
  • Ritualist
  • Ritualist
  • Ritualist
  • Viper
  • Ritualist
  • Ritualist
  • Ritualist
  • Ritualist

Any item with the same stats may be used!

  • Invocation
  • Corruption
  • Renegade
Situational Traits
  • Take
    if your Might uptime is good enough without
  • If your party doesn't have Protection and is struggling to survive, you can take
  • if you are playing DPS, or the group has another source of Alacrity and you are sharing, you can consider taking
    for more damage and Might generation.
Defiance Bar Damage
100/s, 600 damage in total (
3rd Utility )
33/s Chilled, 150 damage (
3rd Utility)
200 damage (Shortbow 5)
50/s Slow (Shortbow 4)
150 damage (Axe 5)
33/s Chilled, 50/s Slow (Axe 4)
33/s Chilled
Further Information
Orders From Above
  • If you use the 80% Boon Duration build use your
    off cooldown
  • If you share Alacrity with a Specter you will need to pay attention to when you will need to share. Depending on their build, you may get away with only pressing
    , but if Alacrity is dropping you will have to press it more regularly.
  • If you use play double Renegade always use
    during a
Do not use
right before a mechanic or any reason that would not let your whole party get every tick from
(like spreading around): you are already very tight on Alacrity!
Key Skills
  • : self heal + pulsing area heal skill
  • : excellent damage source and applies a lot of Bleeding
  • : suboptimal on Condi Renegade, however, still a good source of Vulnerability
  • : very good CC skill that does a total of 600 break bar damage
  • : a situational skill that allows your party members to quickly replenish their health at the cost of damage when you are attuned to
  • : Removes three boons from up to five unique enemies in a line and applies Chilled on enemies hit.
  • : pretty good mobility skill that also does 150 breakbar damage
  • : one of your most important damage skills as it applies a lot of Torment
Shortbow skills:
  • : fast and low-cost damage skill and applies some Bleeding
  • : very good damage skill and applies a good amount of Torment
  • : good damage skill and applies Burning and Slow
  • : applies Burning and does 200 breakbar damage
Mace/Axe skills:
  • : fast and low-cost damage skill and applies Burning
  • : fast and low-cost damage skill and a good mobility skill as well, applies Torment
  • : good mobility skill
  • : good damage skill that deals good amount of breakbar damage as well, applies Torment
Renegade skills:
  • : give 2 Might to you and your group per KallasFervor you have
  • : your best burst skill that applies a lot of Burning
  • : one of your most important skills as it gives Alacrity to you and your group
Rotation / Skill usage
Condi Renegade's raid rotation is not super efficient in fractals due to the lack of time to ramp up with
, and the fact that you want to save skills you usually use while in
to CC or keep skills like
for exposed phases.
You'll want to respect these rules :
  1. : be on Mace/Axe
  2. : be on Shortbow
You'll usually want to be in
for exposed phases, as
is your best skill to damage quickly thanks to Burning. You also want to be on
to be able to precast
for Bleeding, and use
to CC.
Right after you're done with
skills, swap to
and do the Shortbow Rotation shown below.
You will want to use
off cooldown/at key moments. If
will be off cooldown during a
Rotation, stop
right before Step 9. If it will be off cooldown during a
Rotation, don't use
Mallyx Shortbow Rotation
  1. Weapon Swap
  2. Swap to
  • Make sure to use a
    between each skill to make sure that enhanced
    pulse procs without overriding it!
Kalla Mace Rotation
  1. Weapon Swap
  2. Swap to
  1. If you can get in combat prestack
  2. Blast Might with
  3. Take Mistlock Singularity
  4. Blast Might with
  5. Swap to
    and cast
  6. Swap back to
    . In Sunqua Peak boons get stripped but unique buffs don't, and you can play around the boon-stripping.
  7. If you can get in combat prestack
  8. Be in
    and cast
  9. UI Swap to
  10. Take the Mistlock Singularity
  • If your group is fast enough you'll get some
    ticks in combat, and the Alacrity from those ticks won't get stripped.
Golem Rotation