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  • November 19, 2023
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Template Code
  • Quickness: 100% - (using Quickness variant)
  • Fury: 100% - (using Quickness variant)
  • Might: 6 stacks - (13 stacks on Quickness variant)
  • Swiftness: 65% - (using Quickness variant)
  • Regeneration: 50% - (using Quickness variant)
  • Condi Damage
Synergy high
DPS high
Independence high
Acquiring basicsaverage
Achieving masterydifficult
The Condi Harbinger provides high Condition damage while having some self-generated boons due to Elixirs as well as some group Might through
. You can also adapt your build to provide Quickness as well as share your Elixir boons with your group. You can also upkeep 25 stacks of Vulnerability on your own after the initial ramp-up.
The Condi Harbinger is more squishy than other Necromancer builds because it loses maximum health due to the Blight mechanic and
does not act as a second health bar. However, even with maximum Blight stacks, you will still be at around 15k health.
If you need additional CC, you can freely replace your Dagger on your Scepter set with
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper

Any item with the same stats may be used!

DPS Traits
  • Curses
  • Soul Reaping
  • Harbinger
Quickness Traits
Use this setup if you are responsible for providing Quickness to your group.
  • Harbinger
Defiance Bar Damage
100 damage
100 damage
300 damage
200 damage
600/800/1000 damage depending on hitbbox size
150-750 damage (see situational skills)
Situational Skills
Can be taken for additional CC.
Useful for stacking boons at the singularity. Can be useful in niche situations to increase boon uptime or give yourself Aegis.
Can help cleansing conditions. Keep in mind that delaying your Elixirs also means delaying your Blight application.
Acts as a stun-break. Keep in mind that delaying your Elixirs also means delaying your Blight application.
Spreads conditions on your current target to up to 5 enemies in the surrounding area. Can help to kill the anomaly at Arkk.
A useful 1200 range 5 target Pull. It provides an extra 150 defiance bar damage and can hit up to five times if you cast it inside the boss while there are other enemies outside.
A 1200 range teleport skill useful for various skips.
Another teleport skill. Useful for Swiftness or skips such as soloing the turret room in the Thaumanova fractal.
A useful skill for mitigating projectiles.
  • Using Elixir skills and staying in
    will inflict Blight on you, reducing your maximum health by 1.5% per stack (up to 37.5% at 25 stacks).
  • increases the damage you deal with conditions for each stack of Blight.
  • heals you every second for each stack of Blight.
  • Certain skills consume some Blight when you are above a treshold to deal more damage, namely
    (Shroud 3) and your Elixirs when above 5 stacks of Blight and
    (Shroud 4) when above 10 stacks.
Pistol Skills
  • Your auto-attack
    deals good damage and will be used to fill any gaps in the rotation.
  • sends out multiple bullets and fills up Life Force for each bullet that hits an enemy. This skill also pierces which can be useful to help with the anomaly at Arkk as an example.
  • fires a dart that, on impact, will explode and give you some Life Force per enemy hit and Stun as well as inflict Weakness and Poisoned.
Harbinger Shroud
  • Unlike on core Necromancer or Reaper, your
    will not absorb the damage for you while inside.
  • You can enter
    even at 0 Life Force since entering gives you 15% due to
  • While in
    , you constantly gain Blight and drain Life Force.
  • All of your important Shroud skills are ranged. However, part of your damage comes from
    which has a small radius around you. Same goes for Quickness uptime through
  • Your auto-attack
    deals damage around your target.
  • fires out 6 bolts. If you stand too far away, some bolts will miss the target.
  • dashes you to your target and then damages enemies on impact. If you are already in melee range, you can cancel this skill right away and still deal damage. If above 5 Blight, this attack will consume 5 stacks and deal extra damage.
  • leaps you into the targeted area while evading, deals damage and Daze the enemy. If above 10 Blight, this attack will consume 10 stacks and deal extra damage.
  • is the only Shroud skill you will not actively use in your rotation. However, it is a strong CC skill that will deal 300 break bar damage to enemies around you.
  • As a Harbinger you gain access to Elixirs as utility skills.
  • Using an Elixir grants you Boons (that are shared with your allies when running
    ). Then the elixir will be thrown at your target location inflicting Conditions on your enemy.
  • If you are in the splash area of the Elixir, you gain Blight.
  • If you are above the Blight threshold (5 for heal/utility, 10 for the elite), you will lose this amount of Blight to enhance the damage of the Elixir.
  • Using Elixirs will help us upkeep
  • The most commonly used Elixirs are
    being the most interesting one for damage due to its Poisoned application and the other 2 giving very useful boons.
  • can help cleansing conditions while
    acts as a stun-break. However keep in mind that delaying your Elixirs also means delaying your Blight application.
Important Traits
  • will transfer up to 2 conditions from you after entering
    . Always use
    right before entering your Shroud to transfer the conditions for extra damage.
  • (Quickness variant) shares the boons from Elixirs with the group helping to upkeep many different boons. It also converts 13% of your Vitality into Concentration which, in fractals, allows us to run without any additional Concentration gear for the Quickness variant.
  • (Quickness variant) pulses Quickness around you while in Shroud. Together with the Elixirs, this is your main way of keeping up this boon for your group.
  • (DPS variant) reduces the cooldown of Pistol skills. It also converts 13% of your Vitality into Expertise which allows us to run with
    and almost cap both Bleeding and Torment duration.
  • (DPS variant) pulses Torment around you while in Shroud.
Rotation / Skill Usage
General Information
  • Enter
    approx. every 20 seconds.
  • You gain Life Force when units around you die or from some skills, namely
    as well as entering
  • Use
    ) to transfer Conditions you get from
    to the boss.
  • Use all 3 Elixirs off-cooldown to keep up Blight. They have the same cooldown. Use
    last to ensure you are using it above the Blight threshold doubling the duration of the Poisoned it applies.
  • Try to stay on Pistol as much as possible. Ideally, you will never use a single auto-attack on Scepter. It is just for using
    before and after every other
  • Fill in any remaining gaps in the loop with Pistol auto-attacks.
  • will recharge slightly more often than you enter
    . Use extra charges in combination with
    . Otherwise use
    when it comes off-cooldown.
  • has a cast-time but does its damage even if you cancel the skill right away.
  1. Weapon swap
  2. (skip this if the boss has no breakbar)
After the Opener and your first Shroud Rotation is done, the loop will be:
  1. Pistol Rotation
  2. Weapon Swap
  3. Shroud Rotation
  4. Weapon Swap
  5. Pistol Rotation
  6. Shroud Rotation
Precast (at singularity)
  • Use as many Elixirs as possible to stack boons for yourself (and allies when running
  • You can also use
    to pre-stack more Quickness when running
Shroud Rotation
  1. 5x
  2. 5x
Pistol Rotation