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  • October 13, 2023
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  • Condi Damage
Synergy average
DPS high
Independence average
Acquiring basicseasy
Achieving masteryaverage
The Condi Willbender is a strong build with high damage, very good CC, and great mobility, making it a strong choice for all groups. It can also easily slot more supportive utility skills allowing you to provide Stability, Aegis, reflects and more to yourself and your party.
This build comes with a very simple priority-based rotation as well as the ability to adapt to your group by having various utility options. It also has a great amount of self-sustain and can even bring Might for itself if needed through
. It is therefore a great build to get started within fractals. On top of this, it also shares gear with the Condi Firebrand allowing you to easily swap between the 2 builds if you want more variety or situationally use some of the utility that is unique to Firebrand.
Before reading the advanced version of this page, we recommend acquiring an in-depth understanding of your CC skills and when to use them efficiently as well as executing the basic step-by-step rotation provided below without spending too much thought on it.
The advanced page provides a more complete overview of all the utilities the Guardian has to offer. If you ever feel like you are missing information feel free to already swap to the advanced page!
Although this build lists 162 Agony Resistance, it is not a strict requirement! We recommend getting started with this build anyway - even if it might be suboptimal while being in Tier 1 or 2 fractals. Keep upgrading your Agony Resistance until you reach the suggested variant. In the beginning, it is much more important to learn about fractal mechanics and your skills rather than equipping optimal gear.
The 3rd utility skill slot is flexible. Look at the Situational Skills below for common options.
This build also makes use of a
gaining Condition Damage from
. Removing this does not change the gear!
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Empty

Any item with the same stats may be used!

  • Radiance
  • Virtues
  • Willbender
Defiance Bar Damage
1050 damage over 7 seconds (thanks to
200 damage
Immobile 50/s
400 damage (Knockdown)
150 damage (Knockback)
150 damage
Situational Skills
Used as a source of Vulnerability
Huge CC and projectile destruction.
Taken as a 3rd utility if no other skill is needed.
When Stability or a stunbreak is needed.
A stationary reflect lasting for 10 seconds.
Rotation / Skill usage
Step-by-Step Rotation
Step 1: Basic Priority
The Condition Willbender has a rather simple, mostly priority-based rotation. In the first step, we will use 4 basic abilities off-cooldown in the following order of priority:
Use these skills in this order once at the start, then use them off-cooldown with the same priority if multiple come up at the same time. The hardest part of this should be the opening where all 4 skills are up at the same time.
Step 2: Torch 4
is the most intricate skill we will use in this rotation. If you want a visual example of how it is used based on the text below, check out one of the videos on the right side.
will give a stack of
that we can then throw at the target.
  • will give an additional
    once every 10 seconds.
  • Since we have a few seconds to throw the
    , we can use this time to press other priority skills first if any are up.
We will use this skill in the following way:
  • In the opening, we will press
    while casting the first skill. We will then gain an additional stack from
    . After using the priority skills from step 1, we can throw both stacks at the target.
  • You can also throw the
    before casting
  • After the opening, we will cast
    off-cooldown and throw
    (from both sources) as soon as possible, only delaying it slightly if another priority skill is up.
  • After the opening, the 2 stacks of
    will often not align anymore due to
    reducing our weapon cooldown, but not the trait cooldown.
Step 3: Torch 5
Finally, we will add
into the rotation. This skill has a very long channel (approx. 2.5 seconds) and has less of a priority than the other skills we have used so far.
Therefore we will only use this skill when there is at least a 2.5-second gap between other abilities so we do not delay anything more important. Ideally, there should never be another priority skill coming off-cooldown in the middle of the cast of
if used correctly.
Step=by-Step Video
This video shows the step-by-step approach to the rotation listed on the left.
by Ascers
Improving Further
Once you are comfortable with the above steps, you are already doing most of the full rotation and will be able to deal great damage.
There will be a few additional things on the advanced page to improve further but if you got here, you already know the most important things and these will have a smaller impact than what you learned so far.
There is only one additional step (besides learning the rest of the utility you can situationally bring):
  • Incorporating the Sword weapon set into the rotation. There, we will prioritize
  • For the most part, the idea is to use the
    twice on the respective weapon set.
Golem Rotation
Please note the setup used in this benchmark is optimized for raids, it is fine to be used in fractals and is only a small DPS loss compared to the setup listed on this page.
Sword rotation by Support Hero