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  • January 3, 2023
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updated for the 11/29/2022 patch

Template Code
  • Power Damage
Synergy low
DPS high
Independence high
Acquiring basicsaverage
Achieving masterydifficult
The Power Holosmith is a flexible build that can do well in a variety of different group compositions. It offers:
  • High burst and good sustained damage
  • Good crowd control
  • Good utility through Vulnerability and access to some Blinded, Crippled and Immobile
  • The ability to boonstrip with
    when running
  • An incredible skill set for various skips in Tier 4 fractals due to access to Stealth, as well as Superspeed and a targeted leap with
  • Some self-generation of Might, Quickness and Fury
The build benefits from slaying potions such as
The main thing the build lacks compared to other Power DPS classes is a unique party buff for Power compositions like Power Dragonhunter's
There are 3 different versions of Power Holosmith, namely Sword ECSU, Sword PBM, and Rifle PBM. They are named after:
  • The weapon they are holding, Sword+Shield vs Rifle.
  • The Grandmaster Holosmith Trait they use, Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit (ECSU) vs Photonic Blasting Module (PBM).
This guide will focus mainly on the Sword ECSU variant since it is the most flexible of the 3.
You will only need some Assassin pieces if you want to swap to
for better self-generated Might.
You can use Off-Hand Pistol if there is absolutely no need for the CC from Shield.
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker

Any item with the same stats may be used!

  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Holosmith
Additional Skills
CC skills
200 damage
150 damage
100 damage
232 damage
232 damage
Situational Traits
When running the Rifle or Sword PBM build.
If you are already crit capped without
and struggle with Might uptime.
  • Tools
If your Quickness uptime is low, you can swap out the Firearms trait line with Tools and replace
  • Scrapper
For many skips in Tier 4 fractals, you can swap to Scrapper for more Stealth and Superspeed. Stealth can be provided through
. Superspeed is provided through Gyros with a delay due to
also provides some instant Superspeed on top.
can be used without drawing aggro from enemies.
can provide some instant Superspeed as well.
Situational Skills
An alternative heal skill if condition cleanse is needed. You can cast it AFTER (cause of water field) a fire field to blast Might.
A (group) block that also reflects projectiles if heat is above 50.
Offers higher burst than
. Very effective countermeasure for Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain!
Default pick for the Rifle variant instead of
. Can be helpful to provide a smoke field through
or fire field through
Can provide a fire field and a blast finisher. You can pre-cast the toolbelt skill
for some extra damage.
Rotation/Skill Usage
  1. Preheat to 90
  2. (To help with CCing)
  3. 2x
  4. 2x
  5. 2x
  6. (your heat should be around 90)
  7. Repeat from step 6
  • Use
    off cooldown.
  • Use
    off-cooldown. This skill can be used inside the hitbox when multiple enemies are around to hit the boss multiple times. If this can be done, for example on Ensolyss, you can delay this skill for that.
  • can be used to mitigate damage in add heavy fights.
  • When running off-hand Pistol,
    is used instead of
    in step 20.
  • When running off-hand Pistol,
    can help in controlling the movement of enemies without break bar.
  • Try to manage your Heat in split phases. Ideally, you always want to be back at 90 Heat when starting to burst into a new phase.
  • will not always be up at the same step as its cooldown is higher than the duration of your loop. The general idea of using 2 extra damaging skills while cooling down still applies.
Rotation Explanation
  • The idea of the opening is to stack as many damage modifiers as possible with your biggest skills. By entering Forge at the start, you will trigger
    . Due to being in Forge, you will also gain the extra damage from
    will help with stacking
  • You want to always use your big damaging skills like
    in Forge when possible. Only use them outside of Forge if the boss will die/phase before you can go back into Forge to use them there.
  • In Forge, your high damage weapon skills are
    , as well as auto-attack chains. Try to not interrupt your Forge auto-attack chain. Your goal is to
    at exactly 149 Heat. This can be achieved by using auto-attack chains until around 140 Heat (as seen in step 8), then using
    will keep building up some Heat, however you cannot
    if you already left Forge directly after its cast.
  • Out of Forge, your basic rotation can be seen in steps 15-17. The main goal is to use
    above 100 Heat 3 times. If you are slow, you might want to skip some extra skills like
    and prioritize
    at 90 Heat.
  • Make sure that you will start the fight on your desired Heat (usually 90).
  • You want to make sure to always at least pre-cast
    before taking the singularity.
  • You can either swap utility skills manually or via a template. Make sure to have the same traits in both templates selected if you choose the template route.
  • If this is taken care of, you can do the following extra pre-casts:
    1. Equip
    2. Place
    3. Use
      to provide a fire field.
    4. Use
      to blast.
    5. Use
    6. Swap to your regular utilities and use
    7. Take the singularity.
  • If you want to go the extra mile, you can keep the Flamethrower equipped and use
    again and place
    on the boss spawn location before swapping it out.
  • provides yet another blast finisher if it works with your Heat management.