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  • April 19, 2024
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updated for the 4/16/2024 patch

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  • Condi Damage
Synergy low
DPS average
Independence high
Acquiring basicseasy
Achieving masteryaverage
The Condi Scourge is an easy build to learn and provides access to good off-support tools (large amounts of passive barrier from
) and can be augmented to provide the means of a safety net at an acceptable amount of DPS loss with the Blood Magic trait line (without any stat changes).
The build can place lots of conditions and crowd control on multiple targets simultaneously with its shades. Due to large amounts of self-produced Vulnerability and Might in combination with its other tools, it is quite self-substantial.
Additionally it can also corrupt boons when Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain is active and has a large supportive toolkit with lots of CC and utility skills like
, which can be invaluable on some T4 Fractals.
  • Alternatives relics that can be played are
  • Use the Gear Optimizer to adjust gear.
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Empty

Any item with the same stats may be used!

  • Curses
  • Soul Reaping
  • Scourge
Alacrity Scourge
To provide Alacrity, your gear and traits remain mostly the same. Make sure to play with
using it during downtimes.
If you are still struggling to maintain Alacrity or have low Agony Resistance, you may want to use it more frequently during the combat or simply take some Ritualist gear for some extra Boon Duration.
Unlike a full dps Scourge, you are supposed to use
off cooldown. You will want to play
as your third utility choice, for additional Life Force generation.
is an alternative if your group lacks Fury or will benefit from th 8 stacks of Might and provides Life Force as well.
The final change is to take the following traits in the Scourge traitline:
  • Scourge
Situational Traits
Insidious Disruption
On 99CM there is no need to play any Life Force generating utility skill.
Therefore take
in combination with
instead of
, to gain a significant dps gain.
Blood Magic
Running Blood Magic instead of Soul Reaping can be an option if you need more team revival power via
and more sustain in general. It will cause a personal damage loss but it can be helpful if your party is having trouble staying alive.
  • Blood Magic
will bring some more CC via the warhorn skill
Defiance Bar Damage
200 damage with Knockdown
200 damage with Fear
100 damage with Stun
200 damage with Daze (300 if traited with
600/800/1000 damage with Knockdown depending on the size of the hitbox
150-750 damage with Pull (see situational skills)
Situational Skills
Your highest dps option on your third utility slot.
An alternative for Signet of the Undead as a minor dps gain. Compared to the Signet it does require a target to aquire Life Force.
Used as a dps increase on condition heavy fights such as Kanaxai and during days with Mistlock Instability: Afflicted.
A useful 1200 range 5 target Pull that provides an extra 15% Life Force per hit and 150 defiance bar damage per hit, up to five times if you cast it inside a foe with other targets within range.
Can be taken if your group needs additional CC at the cost of a small DPS loss.
A strong boon corrupt which can be used to boon rip on days with Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain.
The alternative heal skill for more personal survivability and shared group barrier.
On condition heavy fights such as Kanaxai during days with Mistlock Instability: Afflicted.
Useful to provide permanent Fury and additional 8x Might, as well as personal Life Force.
A go-to stunbreak skill for Scourge, that can also provide some decent conditions if you step in and out of your targets hitbox to proc it multiple times. On T4 fractals with Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain it can provide large amounts of passive barrier from
A useful skill for mitigating projectiles.
A 1200 range teleport skill that can also work as a projectile blocker for fights like Old Tom in the Uncategorized fractal.
A secondary teleport skill that allows one to solo the turret room in the Thaumanova fractal. Also great for consuming conditions on consoles in the Aetherblade fractal.
A source of Aegis.
A useful skill that allows you to double up on blinks.
Only use this skill in organised groups at the dark Phase of theSunqa Peak Challenge Mode. Copying all slow CC conditions like Immobile and Slow onto the Sorrows, which requires certain classes like a Specter to become an alternative of Spectral Grasp .
General Info
Shade Skills
In order to utilise shade-skills you either place a shade onto your target or stay within 180 range yourself.
  • Maintain at least 1 shade at all times.
  • Using your shade skills will add additional applications of Burning (from
    ), Torment and Vulnerability (from
  • Make sure to cast
    on cooldown.
  • Any excess Life Force can be used on
    , as long as you are not delaying your priority shade skills.
  • Your
    trait has an internal cooldown of one second. Be sure to space out your
    ) instead of blindly spamming them off cooldown.
  • Casting your
    on the group will provide large amounts of barrier passively through your rotation. They can also be used on other significant targets such as the Anomalies in the Shattered Observatory fractal. A Scourge counts as a shade activator itself and will also hit any targets within the range of your shade abilities.
  • Additionally shade effects do not stack, they only expand the area in which they get applied.
  • You want to combo
    together to take advantage of
    . Use
    as you cast
    to ensure you transfer the right conditions (the self caused Bleeding and Torment from
  • has a 6s effect duration after using
    , transfering the next conditions you'll get within that window.
  • If your group has multiple Scourges, you can all take
    to replace
    with a different utility skill of choice (provided all Scourges use their
    skill off cooldown and
    during downtimes).
  • If you're using
    , you should use
    off cooldown as it has no cast time.
  1. (ideally precasted)
    1. during cast
  2. Weapon swap
  1. Filler Skills + Auto Attack Chains
  2. Weapon Swap
  3. Filler Skills + Auto Attacks
  4. Filler Skills + Auto Attacks
  5. Weapon Swap
Precast (at Singularity)
  • Use any heal skill while having Relic of Vass equipped to apply additional Poisoned.
  • Situationally Staff Marks can be precasted as well.
  • Use
    right before taking the Mistlock Singularity to pulse conditons for 6s and precast
    for 6s.
Filler Priority
  1. (at 0/3 shades)
Shorter Phases/Exposed
The Opener/Golem Rotation above is not taking in account Exposed and can be adjusted to shorter "burst" windows.
To do so start on Scepter, eventually utilising a double
Opener e.g. at Dark Ai with side CC, to ramp up group Might and a early
stacking conditions based on their durations.
This allows you to delay your Pistol and Torch skills up to right before getting your 10s of Exposed.