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  • July 30, 2022
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  • Condi Damage
Synergy low
DPS average
Independence high
Acquiring basicseasy
Achieving masteryaverage
The Condi Scourge is an easy build to learn and provides access to good off-support tools (large amounts of passive barrier from
) and can be augmented to provide the means of a safety net at an acceptable amount of DPS loss with the Blood Magic trait line (without any stat changes). The build can place lots of conditions and crowd control on multiple targets simultaneously with its shades and
. Due to large amounts of self-produced Vulnerability and Might in combination with its other tools, it is quite self-substantial.
The Condi Scourge has multiple offensive control skill options, like using Pull, corrupt boons for Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain , cause conditions like Blinded and Immobile , etc. Condi Scourge and can modify itself to fit many given situations in fractals.
This build also does not have a formal rotation and instead has a prioritization for its skills making it easy to focus on side objectives and quickly pick up where you left off in dealing damage.
Due to being a condition-based build, it will not benefit as highly from slaying potions or
as much as power builds.
Situational Runes:
  • can be purchased from the trading post and are a minor DPS loss compared to
  • works best for using and utilizing
    , as its damage will be maximized with this rune. Note that you will have a loss of condition duration with this rune choice.
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Viper
  • Empty
  • Viper

Any item with the same stats may be used!

  • Curses
  • Soul Reaping
  • Scourge
Defiance Bar Damage
200 damage with Knockdown
200 damage with Fear
200 damage with Daze (300 if traited with
600/800/1000 damage with Knockdown depending on the size of the hitbox
150-750 damage with Pull (see situational skills)
Blood Magic
Running Blood Magic instead of Soul Reaping can be an option if you need more team revival power via
and more sustain in general. It will cause a personal damage loss but it can be helpful if your party is having trouble staying alive.
  • Blood Magic
will bring some more CC via the warhorn skill
Situational Skills
will replace
on any fight that is single target or cleave is not needed.
Spreads conditions on your current target to up to 5 enemies in the surrounding area. Particularly useful on mob heavy T4s and also Arkk CM, where it can be used to kill the Anomaly.
A useful 1200 range 5 target Pull to help stack up golems at the Chaos Anomaly fight or the adds in the Arkk (see Shattered Observatory) fight. It also provides an extra 150 defiance bar damage. Hits up to five times if you cast it inside a mob with other enemies outside.
Can be taken if your group needs additional CC at the cost of a small DPS loss.
If your group has more than one Necromancer (though this benefits Scourge a lot more) take this to provide Life Force for all Necromancer players for far more overall gain (summon and detonate off cooldown). Bone Minions can also work well if a target is highly mobile or you have frequent downtime where haunt can not be used on a target (e.g. Light Phase Ai in Sunqua Peak).
A strong boon corrupt which can be used to boon rip on days with Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain.
A 1200 range teleport skill that can also work as a projectile blocker for fights like Old Tom in the Uncategorized fractal.
A secondary teleport skill that allows one to solo the turret room in the Thaumanova fractal. Also great for consuming conditions on consoles in the Aetherblade fractal.
A go-to stunbreak skill for Scourge, that can also provide some decent conditions if you step in and out of your targets hitbox to proc it multiple times. Also works as a Punishment skill and has synergy with
A useful skill for mitigating projectiles.
This can provide you a minor dps increase in situations where barrier application is not needed. If you are using
and no other Punishment skill, you can take
A useful skill that allows you to double up on blinks. Also works as a Punishment skill and has synergy with
Skill Usage
Skill Prioritization
You can pre-emptively cast some shades before a fight starts to begin ramping up the benefits from
can be precasted for the increased damage modifier and to transfer the conditions from
as the first cast of the fight.
Prioritization: [Weapon/Utility Skills]
Always use this skill off-cooldown, even if it means interrupting auto-attack chains:
  1. (Scepter 3)
Use after finishing your current auto-attack chain:
  1. (Torch 4)
  2. (Scepter 2)
  3. (Torch 5)
  4. (Utility) (combo this with
  5. (F1)
Shade Skills
While you perform the above prioritization, you'll be using your shade skills to get additional applications of Burning (from
) and Torment. If you can ensure that you have enough Life Force to cast
at all times, you can use any excess Life Force with the following prioritization:
  • If you're using
    , you should use
    off cooldown as it has no cast time.
  • You want to combo
    together to take advantage of
    . Use
    as you cast
    to ensure you transfer the right conditions (the self caused Bleeding and Torment from
  • While you want to maintain 3 shades up, you still want to focus on the rest of the skill prioritization as the wasted cooldown time outweighs the minor loss of Expertise.
  • Casting your
    on the group will provide large amounts of barrier passively through your rotation. They can also be used on other significant targets such as the Anomalies in the Shattered Observatory fractal. A Scourge counts as a shade activator itself and will also hit any targets within the range of your shade abilities.
  • If your group has three (or more) Scourges, you can all take
    and replace
    with a different utility skill of choice (provided all Scourges use their
    skill off cooldown).
  • Your
    trait has an internal cooldown of one second. Be sure to space out your shade skills (including
    ) instead of blindly spamming them off cooldown.