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Shattered Observatory

Challenge Mode Fractal
  • August 7, 2023
Current Record 4 min 59 sec by Discretize [dT]
  • Level 98 147 AR
Cycle Day
Skorvald the Shattered 5,551,340 HP CC: 2200
Skorvald the Shattered is the first boss in the Shattered Observatory fractal. Be sure to take the Mistlock Singularity after accepting the Harbinger's challenge, stack Might, Quickness and Alacrity on the platform below and start the encounter by activating the orb in the center of the platform.
The key to the fight is fast crowd control, as breaking Skorvald's Defiance bar prevents most of the mechanics. Immediately break it at the start and bring him down to 66% health. Please note, that you cannot precast CC here. Your CC affects Skorvald, as soon as his HP bar appears in the top right corner.
Skorvald the Shattered
Skorvald the Shattered
An Elite Flux Anomaly
An Elite Flux Anomaly
66% + 33% island phase
At 66% and 33%, Skorvald becomes immune to damage and the party has to kill four Elite Flux Anomalies to proceed. They spawn on the islands in the Southwest, Southeast, Northeast and Northwest and have to be killed subsequently in that order - the party can use air turbulences to travel between the islands. The Anomalies don't have much health (170.244 HP) but knock players back with shockwaves. Pay attention to the animations and position yourself between Anomaly and wall.
It is worth placing a
portal on the main platform and opening it immediately when you reach the 4th Elite Flux Anomaly to deal more damage to Skorvald before he continues his attacks, especially at 33%. Do not take the portal back to the boss before the add has landed its first jump. Otherwise it will leap out of all the damage zones and not die in time for your nuke.
Below 33% health, Skorvald goes berserk and starts his rotating Solar Cyclone attack. Keep your Stability skills for this part. Practice the safe spots and keep the Solar Blooms away from the party, but be ready to dodge if it explodes in party range. Under no circumstances stand inside of Skorvalds hitbox as it will kill you immediately.
After about 30 seconds, Skorvald starts a huge laser beam attack (Beaming Smile) and regains his Defiance bar, if he is not dead yet break the bar and finish him.
Comprehensive list of all attacks:
Solar BoltSkorvald often throws a red orb which splits into three after each bounce. Every orb leaves a Burning field which deals high damage.
Horizon StrikeHe marks orange triangles around him and blasts them counter-clockwise which deals high damage and Knockback. The orange zones themselves don't deal any damage but explode in order, practice the pattern and move into the first triangle after it is gone. Followed by Crimson Dawn.
Crimson DawnBlasts the entire platform only excluding a small triangle behind him. Deals high damage.
Radiant FuryApplies Blinded and Burning to all players it hits and damages allies around them. Recognizable by diminishing red circles around every player, dodge when they collapse. Also sends out a Solar Discharge shockwave with Stun from Skorvald.
Warp & Spiral StrikeSkorvard teleports to the target location and executes a spinning strike which damages players and applies Knockback. Also sends out a volley of bolts. Noticeable by a large bomb icon above a player.
Punishing Kick & Cranial CascadeBoth attacks release a blast of chaotic mists with high damage and Knockback. Punishing Kick generates a line in front of him, Cranial Cascade a cascading triangle.
RushOnly below 66% health. Skorvald fixates on a player and charges through him from one edge of the platform to the other.
Focused RageOnly below 66% health. Basically a larger version of _Cranial Cascade _. Skorvald marks a player with a cross-hair and blasts a large orange cone for high damage and Knockback. The marked player should turn Skorvald away from other players, during the last second of the animation he does not follow the target anymore and it is safe to step out.
Solar BloomOnly below 50% health. Solar Blooms spawn on the platform which need to be knocked back by damaging them. They fixate on the closest player and explode for high area damage and Knockback, keep them away from the party.
Beaming SmileOnly below 50% health. Skorvald teleports to a random location and summons three large and deadly laser beams. Move out to prevent instant death. He also projects a white beam onto players inflicting Fear and Blinded if you face him upon triggering - simply turn away to avoid it.
Solar CycloneOnly below 33% health. Skorvald starts spinning counter-clockwise and releases conical shockwaves similar to _Cranial Cascade _. There are small safe-spots between each shockwave, learn to stand inside them to avoid the high damage and interrupts.
Combustion RushOnly below 33% health. Elite Flux Anomalies start charging through players and Knockback, indicated by a large arrow on the platform.

Intermediate part
After Skorvald is dead, take the portal to the East and take the left portal in the control center area. You can activate a
to walk during the cutscene and save some time.
You gain a new special action key: Hypernova Launch. For the moment, it is a 2100-range teleport with stunbreak that blocks the next attack (1.75s Aegis). Its cooldown refreshes after you bounce a Globolla Marble.
You will encounter several glass mobs on the way to the second boss, there are no differences to the regular Shattered Observatory. After the first group of mobs, you will have to bounce a white Globolla Marble nine times with your head to progress.
If you have a spare
, you can skip directly to Artsariiv using the shortcut (video on the side), otherwise use your Hypernova Launch on the next platform to jump to the elite mob and kill it to proceed to Artsariiv.
The way to Artsariiv
The way to Artsariiv
Skip to Artsariiv (any class)Click to play!

Artsariiv 5,962,266 HP CC boss: 2100, first adds: 650, second adds: > 375
The second boss of the fractal is Artsariiv. The encounter gets activated by bouncing a Globolla Marble into her, be sure to prepare Might and skills in the northwest beforehand.
Artsariiv summons copies which split into smaller clones upon death, they use martial arts skills, Knockdown, shoot shocking projectiles and apply a lot of damaging conditions. Discuss whether you kill all adds (safe tactic) or not.
Assign a player for the Globolla Marble bouncing (typically the Renegade) and a backup in case the main bouncer gets Corporal Reassignment.
Use your Hypernova Launch special action key to quickly move around the platform, the Aegis from it counters nearly all mechanics.
![Artsariiv: the second boss]
Immediately after the fight starts, Artsariiv channels her huge triple-laser attack Beaming Smile (similar to Skorvald at low health). Do not get caught within those lasers and turn away from her to prevent Blinded and Fear.
Kill the first Temporal Anomaly to spawn a containment for Corporal Reassignment and cleave the first set of clones. When you feel safe enough, move northwest to Artsariiv, break her defiance bar and bring her down to 66% health.
At 66% and 33% health, Artsariiv splits up into five and nine clones respectively. Those clones can't be damaged and only despawn when their defiance bar is broken. All party members get resurrected afterwards, so don't waste time on dead players.
The central clone has the highest priority as it shoots additional damaging orbs. Also pay attention to the single Globolla Marble during the CC phase, if it isn't bounced it deals medium damage to the party.
After the crowd control phases are over, Artsariiv reappears in the middle of the platform and conjures an Obliterate attack and multiple orange void zones which need to be dodged. She also does her Beaming Smile attack similar to the start of the fight. Kill the respawned Temporal Anomaly and clones (optional) before switching to her again.
Below 66% health, Artsariiv throws a large Globolla Marble from time to time which needs to be bounced back to her over nine locations. Failing to bounce usually results in a party wipe, choose a reliable player beforehand to solo this (usually the profession with the least amount of damage Renegade).
After the fight is over, take the portal in the North and move forward to get to Arkk.
Comprehensive list of all attacks:
Beaming SmileSimilar to Skorvald below 50% health, Artsariiv generates three large laser beams and projects a white beam onto players which inflicts high damage, Blinded and Fear. Turn away from the source to prevent application.
Astral SurgeArtsariiv spawns a lot of small point blank area of effects (PBAoE) on the ground which deal medium damage, try to stay out of them when the inner circle reaches the outer.
Corporal Reassignment (Doom)Designates a player for timed explosion, recognizable by a red skull above the target and a large notification message. The player must seek containment inside the white bubble in the center area or will kill himself and allies. The white bubble is only available after the respawning Temporal Anomaly is killed. This is the highest priority for any damage dealer.
Solar DischargeFrom time to time, Artsariiv switches her location and moves to another corner. When doing so, she jumps over the platform and emerges a single Solar Discharge shockwave which applies Knockdown. This ability can be jumped over.
Red MarbleArtsariiv throws a lot of red orbs during the fight, watch out for a large Red Marble surrounded by red orbs - it deals Knockdown and deals medium damage. Unfortunately reacting in close melee range is nearly impossible. You can utilize reflects against the various orbs.
SlamDeals Knockback and deals damage in a short range around Artsariiv. Recognizable by an orange circle around her, simply dodge it.
Mib RingArtsariiv herself and all her clones during the intermediate phases create a purple miasma field inside their hitboxes, don't stand too close to avoid damage.
Globolla MarbleOnly below 66% health. Artsariiv throws a huge, white Globolla Marble which needs to be bounced back to her. The next position of the marble is always indicated by a large white circle, the next but one position by a smaller white circle. This part is typically soloed by the Renegade. Strip boons if Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain is present before you hop to the second circle. don't forget to assign a backup. Use Hypernova Launch to travel between the locations as it refreshes after each bounce. The backup only needs to stand inside the first blue circle. The main bouncer can take over after that. Note: There is enough time to do the first blue circle, launch into the containment chamber and bounce into the second circle. This however is not recommended for inexperienced players.
A player is doomed to explode
A player is doomed to explode
A temporal anomaly
A temporal anomaly

9,942,250 HP CC: 1800
Arkk is the third and final boss of the fractal. An attentive player may have noticed the Hypernova Launch special action key became even stronger now, doing medium damage, a 232 Launch and executing a Blast finisher. Thanks to this, other crowd control skills are negligible for this fight.
In contrast to the other enemies in this fractal, Arkk belongs to Scarlet's army and
works against him.
Arkk himself has no melee attacks, but a lot of abilities which can make the fight rather chaotic for inexperienced groups. However, all damage can be avoided and therefore a healer is not mandatory. More party DPS means less boss mechanics.
Stack Might (you can use Hypernova Launch) and renew your Mistlock Singularity before activating the orb to teleport to Arkk.
Arkk: the final boss
Arkk: the final boss
Immediately when the fight starts, turn away as Arkk uses his Blinding Radiance ability. Always prioritize the respawning Temporal Anomalies, you only have a short time window to kill them before the player designated for Corporal Reassignment explodes. The doomed person can see a white circle collapsing below the Temporal Anomaly, the moment it completes the explosion goes off.
A lot of the mechanics can occur at the same time, practice to avoid every single one.
Before triggering the Solar Bloom phases, you might want to wait for another Temporal Anomaly/Corporal Reassignment combination to prevent chaos during the intermediate phase.
Solar Blooms 80%, 50%, 30%
When Arkk reaches 80% health, he gains Invulnerability and players have to kite four Solar Blooms into the pillars in the corners to destroy them.
A common strategy is to assign four players to the spawning locations in the North, East, South and West, as the Solar Blooms fixate on the closest player a few seconds after their spawn. Players take aggro of their designated Solar Bloom and kite them clockwise to the next pillar on the right. You can also use direct damage skills to push back the Blooms.
Solar Blooms fixate on the closest player
Solar Blooms fixate on the closest player
The fifth, remaining player should be a DPS ready to take out a possibly spawning Temporal Anomaly during the phase. This player must also be ready to join the player with the green circle.
After every Solar Bloom phase, Arkk's defiance bar has to be broken immediately or he kills all players. Use your Hypernova Launch ability for an additional Launch if you are short of crowd control skills.
Elite Bosses 70%, 40%
At 70% and 40% of Arkk's health, the party gets teleported to another dimension where you have to fight the Elite Archdiviner from the Cliffside Fractal and the Elite Brazen Gladiator from the Chaos Isles Fractal respectively.
Both bosses behave similar to their real version and are surrounded by four mobs (Cultists/Golems). Try to kill the adds before finishing the boss as they follow you back to Arkk. Remember the party-wide Daze if the third auto-attack of the Gladiator hits someone. The Elite Brazen Gladiator also does his huge pull attack below 50% health, prepare your Hypernova Launch skill to break his breakbar then.
Final phase <40%
Below 40% health, random platforms start disappearing temporarily. Due to this mechanic, space is very limited and resurrecting a downed player is nearly impossible.Sometimes Temporal Anomalies spawn on vanished platforms which makes the fight even more challenging.
The most important thing is to keep calm. Remember that every single ability can be avoided, Hypernova Launch the Solar Fury orbs, jump or dodge through the Starburst Cascade and Solar Stomp attacks, turn away from the Blinding Radiance and move accordingly to the Horizon Strike pattern. Keep a cool head and finish the fight!
Comprehensive list of all attacks:
Blinding RadianceSimilar to the other bosses, Arkk has the white beam ability which damages players facing him and inflicts Blinded and Fear. It is easily recognizable by a large eye icon above Arkk. If you have problems receiving damage despite looking away, try to wiggle left/right while turned away to minimize the risk.
Solar Fury & Solar DischargeArkk prepares this ability by conjuring a large red orb above his head. When the orbs disappears (after ~4 seconds), he launches bouncing orbs towards every player, leaving a Burning fire field after each bounce. At the same time, he emerges a stunning Solar Discharge shockwave which needs to be dodged or jumped over. The orbs from this attack can be reflected to prevent the fire zones on the floor from spawning. If your party has no reflects, every player needs to use Hypernova Launch the moment he throws the orbs to block the fire zones. This is especially important below 40% and can easily wipe your team if one player fails to do so.
Corporal Reassignment (Doom)The same mechanic as on Artsariiv. Designates a player for timed explosion, the party has to kill a Temporal Anomaly (56k HP) to spawn a containment for the target.
Temporal Realignment (Green)Similar to the green circle mechanic on Vale Guardian. Designates a player to take 80% of their health in damage, split between any nearby allies. Try to have at least three players inside the green circle. If no other player is inside the circle upon collapsing, it detonates the whole party.
Focused RageSimilar to Skorvald, Arkk marks a player with a crosshair and blasts the area with damage and a Knockback. If you are marked, turn Arkk away from the other party members and the white containment bubble and move out during the last second of the animation.
Horizon Strike & Diffractive EdgeAgain, a mechanic taken from Skorvald. Arkk marks orange triangles around him and blasts them counter-clockwise. The first triangle is always the first to be blasted. Diffractive Edge is basically the same ability, it just blasts all triangles at the same time but leaves a small safe spot behind Arkk.
Starburst CascadeOnly below 60% health. Arkk sends out a wave of cascading energy across the platform, applying Float to every player caught inside. This ability can be jumped over.
Disappearing PlatformsOnly below 40% health. In the final phase of the fight, random platforms temporarily disappear. If you fall through the ground, you will get teleported to above and start falling down - use your Hypernova Launch to get back into the fight.
Solar StompOnly below 40% health. Arkk vanishes in dust evading all attacks, when he reappears he stomps the ground, damages nearby enemies, executes a Knockback and sends out a volley of bolts. Be careful to not let it push you off the platform.
Rolling ChaosOnly below 40% health. Recognizable by a small red arrow emanating from Arkk. Launches a rolling red marble in the designated direction which deals high damage.
Beaming Smile / DDROnly below 30% health. Similar to the previous bosses, Arkk summons three large laser beams while simultaneously projecting the white beams onto players. Move out and turn away.
The Blinding Radiance ability
The Blinding Radiance ability
Arkk preparing Solar Fury
Arkk preparing Solar Fury
Temporal Realignment
Temporal Realignment