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T4 Fractal
  • August 28, 2023
Current Record 2 min 41 sec by Discretize [dT]
  • Level 77 109 AR
  • Level 89 130 AR
Cycle Night
Running the wisps
Trigger the start event by walking to the three Wisp Clefts in the South. Wait for three players to be ready at each of the randomly spawned Wisps, usually indicated by typing ready in chat. Count down to go and deliver the Wisps to the Clefts within 30 seconds while avoiding Stun, Immobile and Crippled from the spike, wire and hunting traps on the ground.
Learn and practice to jump over the emerging walls, for nearly every wall there is an easy spot to skip over it.
The remaining two players can take the Invigorator Rifle Prototypes from the ground and use Skill 3 to grant Stability to the Wisp runners. Note that it is possible to carry the Wisp from the farthest point without using any movement skills.
) for better mobility.
for better mobility. Also
comes in handy to cleanse conditions!
for mobility and
for a condition cleanse.
for fast delivery.
Three wisp clefts
Three wisp clefts

The Mossman
In the passage, the Mossman is waiting to fight you. You can break his defiance bar while he is in Stealth to force a reveal and make him Exposed. Walk to the Mistlock Singularity inside the Bloomhunger's lair to reset your cooldown and pre-stack some boons.
Beware, there is a wisp that has Invulnerability and can attack you, putting you in combat during pre-stack!
The Mossman
The Mossman

Activate the encounter by placing the nearby Wisp into an empty Wisp Cleft. Bloomhunger (and all trash mobs) are only vulnerable inside the active Wisp Cleft area, additionally all players gain 100% increased endurance regeneration from it. The active area switches clockwise, move to the next position as soon as it decreases in size.
Bloomhunger gets Protection from the flowers that start to fill up the battlefield and also inflict Poisoned you, so cleave is appreciated for this fight.
When Bloomhunger casts Poison Rain, immediately break his defiance bar (especially at the start of the fight) and nuke him to 75%/50%/25% life. Avoid his Leap and Charge attacks to prevent being Knockdowned.
Spirit Onslaught 75%, 50%
At 75% and 50% health, Bloomhunger will teleport to the middle and gain Invulnerability. You will have to kill trash mobs inside the active Wisp Cleft to make him vulnerable again. Keep your pets and spirits close to yourself to prevent mobs from getting stuck. Kill the freshly spawned Oakheart when you are out of mobs. Do not waste your time on Oakhearts while Bloomhunger is vulnerable.
Make sure to position yourself close to Bloomhunger before the phase ends to maximize the chance of him immediately jumping on you (and casting Poison Rain) instead of charging around.
Running the wisps 25%
Try to position yourself before Bloomhunger reaches 25% health. Again, he will teleport to the middle and become immune, but this time you have to carry four Wisps from northwest, northeast, southeast and southwest to their associated empty Wisp Cleft in the center area within 30 seconds. If you are near a Wisp before the phase begins, you can easily carry two Wisps before the time expires.
As soon as all four Wisp Clefts are activated, Bloomhunger gets vulnerable again and you can finish him off to complete the fractal.
to strip the boons from Bloomhunger with
Use Tempest for this fight and
for better cleave during the Spirit Onslaught phases.
for pulsing condition cleanse! Great way the clean the huge stacks of Poisoned at every phase. You can also take
with the trait
to give the whole party condition cleanse.
Take Greatsword and
here for cleave!
Final boss: Bloomhunger
Final boss: Bloomhunger
Bloomhunger during Spirit Onslaught
Bloomhunger during Spirit Onslaught