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Chaos Isles

t4 Fractal
  • August 30, 2023
Current Record 2 min 43 sec by Discretize [dT]
  • Level 88 129 AR
Cycle Day
Before you start
Keep your eye out for Lost Journal Pages throughout the fractal!
Find all 7 of the lost journal pages in Chaos Isles.
Start: You think this is Cliffside
Kill the four Veteran Chanters at the beginning to open the gate to the right side of the map. The fastest person may rush ahead on the path leading to the next encounter, which involves a small jumping puzzle and kitty golems that Knockback the player off the platforms. As soon as one person reaches the checkpoint, everyone else can /gg and resurrect at the platform near the Chaos Anomaly.
While the video showcases the skip for Thief any class can execute the skip effectively with the help of blocks and reflects.
Skip to Chaos Anomaly (any class)Click to play!
Starting area
Starting area

Chaos Anomaly
Stack Might before approaching the four K1T-A golems, pull them together to kill them so that the Chaos Anomaly spawns. Alternatively, you can check if you still need one of them for the Kitty Compactor and focus on it. Every 25% health, The Chaos Anomaly will become immune to damage and you have to kill K1T-A golems again to continue. With every phase there will be one less K1T-A golem but the remaining grow in strength. The final single golem at 25% health has about 1.5m health and is a champion. This is the one that will count towards the achievement. The last golem to be killed is the one that will not spawn in the next phase.
Pay attention to the Knockback zones from the small JT-12 golems and look out for Flux Bombs, the debuff can be hard to notice on the mosaic ground.
It is favorable to run
to be able to use
pulses Stability which is extremely crucial to allow your party to keep on DPSing.
You can use
to group the little cats at the start and then every phase of Chaos Anomaly, the position you need to place yourself for perfect pull can vary based on what cat you killed last, there are variations you can't pull all of them, only 2.
Run an offhand axe and use
to pull golems closer.
Defeat each of the Champion Golems. This will require to run the fractal a minimum of 4 times; kill the same golem first at each phase to make the Champion version spawn! CHOP can be tricky because of Stealth
Four K1T-A golems before the Chaos Anomaly
Four K1T-A golems before the Chaos Anomaly

Blizzard forest
Blizzard forest
Blizzard path (Forest)
You will need to light four bonfires on the path leading to the end boss. The Enlighten special action key has unlimited charges, which means the forest may be soloed.
You could stack Stealth to skip the mobs although it's usually not necessary. Learn to dodge the tentacles Knockback. Mobility skills and
are very good here.

Legendary Brazen Gladiator
The end boss is only vulnerable when his protective bubble is removed by pulling him into the moving purple areas.
He will also apply a group-wide Daze if he hits anyone with the third hit of his auto-attack chain. Avoiding this is the highest priority during the fight. Either use blocks, dodges and skills that make you invulnerable or - most commonly - bring permanent Stability. It may also be avoided by not standing in front of him when his attack hits. Learn to recognize the animation.
By bringing permanent Stability and reflects, enough DPS or a dedicated healer the mechanics of this fight can easily be ignored.
Note that you can take aggro from him by walking inside his hitbox and cancel the third auto-attack by moving out before.
Another trick is to bypass the damage from purple zones by jumping repeatedly.
Starting at 50% health, he will randomly start a pulling attack which can be prevented by breaking his defiance bar. Save your crowd control skills for this.
Also pay attention to the small JT-12 golems and their AoEs as they apply Knockback and can shove you off the platform.
for Stability against Daze and Knockback.
to pull the small JT-12 golems closer.
with the trait
gives the whole party Stability.
Tome 3 skill 1 and 5 grants Stability, if that's not enough take
for the 50% Defiance bar and
against the Daze!
Complete the Chaos Fractal on the Master tier.
Legendary Brazen Gladiator
Legendary Brazen Gladiator