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Captain Mai Trin Boss

T4 Fractal
  • August 27, 2023

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  • Level 95 141 AR
Cycle Day
Aggro the mobs and stack them on the corner. Use Stability, blocks or skills that make you invulnerable to counter the Champion Inquest Technician's attack that applies a group-wide Daze.
After all the enemies are dead, use the Mistlock Singularity to reset cooldowns and interact with the teleporter to enter the boss area.
You can precast
without it despawning early by placing a portal utilizing
near the Mistlock Singularity and using it to return to the Mistlock Singularity for the precast before Mai Trin starts talking.
Starting area
Starting area

Mai Trin
When you enter the arena, there is a hard Agony Resistance check, resulting in being instantly downed if you do not have the minimum requirement.
Mai Trin is protected by ten stacks of Captain’s Shield, each stack reducing her incoming damage by 10%. The only way to remove stacks is by pulling her into electric fields from Horrik's Electric Blast. Standing in the electric field will remove one stack per second from her.You can easily recognize it from the icon above the targeted player and the telegraphed purple electric fields on the ground. Horrik's other projectile attack, Cannon Blast which deals damage and inflicts Burning on targets can be reflected and absorbed.
The key is to stack on Mai Trin during the whole fight: this way she will always be in an electric field, even if she teleports to the furthest player away.
Every 25% health, Mai Trin disappears and additional enemies spawn while fiery cannons shoot. Change your target to Horrik and bring him down by 25% of his health to bring Mai Trin back. Use Pull abilities to stack the adds together and cleave them down.
Keep in mind that with each phase, more cannons start shooting at you. The fight can get quite chaotic in the last phases. Luckily, Mai Trin won't have any protective stacks below 25%, so focus your damage on her. It is vital to bring reflections and Stability to counter the elite adds that spawn after Mai Trin disappears at 25%. Killing Mai Trin finishes the fractal, therefore there is no incentive to kill Horrik before that unless you are going for the Horrik's Horror achievement (see below) .
Defeat Mai Trin's 2nd-in-command. "Horrik hits hard, but you hit harder."
It is favorable to run
for projectile absorption with
and condition cleanse with
. Alternatively, if more protection isn't needed, you can run
to give Stability with
. Do not forget that
(Staff 3) can block Horrik's projectile if you stand into it!
You can block Horrik's cannon projectile with
(Greatsword 4).
Play Greatsword with
for maximum cleave with double
. Coordinate with your Renegade! Use your pulls on
to stack up the additional adds.
You've completed the Captain Mai Trin boss fractal inside the Fractals of the Mists. "Mai tried, but Trin didn't Win."
First mate Horrik
First mate Horrik
Captain Mai Trin
Captain Mai Trin