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  • February 24, 2021
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Key Skills
  • Power Damage
The Power Tempest is a strong DPS variant for fractals with various utilities the Weaver counterpart doesn't offer.
It has very high burst damage in fast-paced fights and its overall DPS is only contested by the Sword Weaver on huge hitboxes.
Thanks to
, the group's damage is buffed by around 1k DPS, so at least one Tempest is never a bad idea when thinking about group composition.
Apart from great DPS, the build afflicts tons of Vulnerability and helps keeping up Might with
For projectile-heavy scenarios,
can be used,
help against trash mobs and defiance bars.
Contrary to the Sword Weaver, melee hate like Mistlock Instability: Social Awkwardness or disruptions like Mistlock Instability: Last Laugh don't matter that much since you can stand on range and have access to a multitude of defensive mechanics like Stability and
The degree of difficulty is a little bit higher than the other Elementalist builds, as you need to adhere to many small things to achieve top numbers.
The positioning and timing of skills matter a lot, a single mistake can make your DPS end up several thousand below other damage dealers.
The build benefits heavily from slaying potions and sigils such as
  • Water
  • Air
  • Tempest
Situational Skills
A stronger healing alternative if Might uptime is good.
Another healing alternative affecting allies close-by.
Use this skill instead of
if you need extra cleave damage at the cost of some target dps. Also useful to generate Might with a fire field.
Faster burst than
on large hitboxes with the bonus of being semi-ranged.
Provides three blocks for things like the console in Underground Facility Fractal.
Another defensive utility skill granting Protection and Stability.
A group-wide reflect aura lasting for 4 seconds.
A teleport with a range of 900 units. Very important skill for certain skips, especially in combination with
, useful in fractals like Cliffside Facility Fractal, Aetherblade Fractal and Underground Facility Fractal.
Grants Superspeed, useful for skips, especially in combination with
If you don't reach 100% critical chance and are too lazy to get Assassin's pieces, take this instead of
Swap Weapons
  • Scepter with
  • Warhorn with
  • Scepters with slaying sigils (see Consumables Guide)
  • A dagger for
    (fire field for Might-stacking) and
Situational Traits
Useful automatic group stunbreak for things like Mistlock Instability: Last Laugh.
Use this instead of
when you are not using
If you can't profit from
(e.g. Warden Amala in Twilight Oasis.
Useful for skipping with Superspeed, especially in combination with
Defiance Bar Damage
100 with Stun
150 with Pull
20 / s with Blinded
232 with Launch
20 / s with Blinded
150 with Knockback
Skill Priority
Your entire rotation revolves around using
as often as possible.
Apart from that, you have the following modifiers:
  • : 7% damage and condition damage for 7 seconds after
  • : 250 ferocity for 5 seconds after attuning to air
  • and
    when the target's defiance bar is broken
  • : 75 ferocity while wielding it
  • : 260 power while wielding it
You want to use your most damaging skills while these modifiers are active.
Therefore your basic rotation optimally is:
  1. Attune to something else
  2. Critically hit with something fast to trigger
  3. High damage skills like
  4. Repeat
In reality, the something looks like the following:
  • In
  • In
    • (only on large hitboxes)
  • In
When attuning back to
, you will have 5 seconds cooldown before you can use
During this window you want to use your conjured weapons:
    1. =>
    1. (if you can whirl against a wall or have to switch targets)
And lastly, you should use
(instant cast) off recharge and
whenever Might is low on the group.
  1. If a Mistlock Singularity is present
    1. and reset its cooldown with it
    1. Precast
      so it finishes when the fight starts
    2. (if you are wielding a
    3. (from range, ideally it should pass through the mob/boss when its defiance bar is broken)
  2. (only on huge hitboxes)
    1. (inside the target's hitbox)
    2. =>
      and 3x
Advanced Notes
  • Always cast
    from as far as possible.
  • Try to place the outer ring of
    directly on the target and make sure the cast finishes.
  • Cast
    while standing inside the target's hitbox to make sure all strikes hit.
  • Remember to already switch to the next attunement while casting skills.
  • (your
    auto-attack) deals more damage the longer you channel it, but every other skill has a higher priority.