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  • April 19, 2022
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Key Skills
  • Support
Synergy high
DPS low
Independence high
Acquiring basicseasy
Achieving masterydifficult
The Banner Warrior is the support build for warriors in fractals. It provides a lot less DPS compared to Berserker. In PuGs however, where CC or Might is the limiting factor it can be beneficial to bring Banner Warrior over Berserker.
Besides providing the group with strong unique damage buffs (
) and having excellent defiance bar damage with the Mace/Mace set, the build also has a medium burst damage potential on both small and large hitboxes for a support role.
If enemy boons are present and for some reason you are still not playing the Renegade + Firebrand composition, the Spellbreaker specialization can be played to reliably remove boons with
. Another advantage of this variation is the strong on-demand projectile destruction with
Furthermore, the build is able to use damage modifying sigils like
as well as slaying potions such as
. As a support warrior, your focus is first and foremost providing the group with aforementioned damage buffs and removing boons, secondly breaking the defiance bar while following your optimized damage rotation.
  • Strength
  • Tactics
  • Discipline
Swap Weapons
  • Axes with
    and slaying sigils
  • A warhorn for pre-stacking
  • Having a sword is very useful and sometimes even necessary especially for some of the skips (Uncategorized Fractal | Urban Battleground)
  • If no additional cc is necessary you can use Greatsword instead of Mace/Mace
Please use this instead of
for situations where you should not Knockback foes (especially trash mobs).
A niche skill if you expect people do go down from incoming damage. Also a good precast to provide more Might.
A nice Might boost for the party after intermediate phases (e.g. orbs at Ensolyss).
Meme DPS.
Might Sharing Variant
If you're running without a Druid or Renegade (for whatever unlogical reason), you need to provide Might (and Fury to some degree) for the party. This is achieved with the following changes to the build:
  • 6x
    instead of
  • instead of
  • instead of
Everything else stays the same.
Skill usage
  • Pre-fight:
    • Use
      on warhorn () to blast a fire field for Might.
    • Place
      into to the boss
    • Use
      to charge up Adrenaline immediately before the fight starts
  • Breaking defiance bars:
    • If there is a defiance bar present immediately at the start of the fight, start on your Mace/Mace set - otherwise swap to it when necessary
    • With
      , you will deal over 940 defiance bar damage with the following skill order:
      • , you can precast it and cancel the aftercast animation
    • This also grants 1-3 stacks of
  • DPS:
    • Camp Axe/Axe if there is no CC needed
    • Damage modifiers:
      • Make sure to use
        when you are at full adrenaline to gain three stacks of
      • Trigger
        by using
        . Adds 20% damage but keep in mind that it does not stack
    • Use
      while all modifiers are up
    • Use
      off recharge
    • Don't cancel the third hit of your auto-attack chain as it does more damage than the first two combined
  • Keep in mind that
    inflicts 15x Vulnerability if your party is running low on it
If the Mistlock Singularity is easily accessible and close to the encounter:
  • for very short encounters (< 50 seconds) pre cast
    and use
    instead of the usual
    . Activate
    during burst phase (e.g. right before using
  • for longer encounters (>50 seconds) use e.g.
    before picking up the Mistlock Singularity
Several Warrior skills involving movement and or leaps such as
cannot be canceled by stow/draw weapons but by using weapon swap.
CC skills
150 damage
390 damage
300 damage
100 damage
If using
260 damage (while on Mace set)
200 damage
150 damage
100 damage
With mainhand dagger on Spellbreaker:
100 damage (or 150 on targets using skills)
Spellbreaker Variant
With enemy boons present (Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain, Swampland, Molten Boss, Twilight Oasis) and no Domination Chronomancer or Mallyx Renegade you will have to take the Spellbreaker specialization instead of Discipline.
  • Spellbreaker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
Offhand weapons are still Mace/Mace!
You should also take
where necessary. You can consider
for additional party Might.
Gear-wise you are losing Power, Precision, and Ferocity from Discipline's trait
. To make up for this we are recommending to use our Gear-optimiser on the website if you want to max out crit cap.
Everything else stays the same.
Spellbreaker variant
  • Evolve your rotation around your highest burst damage skills:
    • Before using high burst damage skills:
      • Trigger
        by using
        . Adds 20% damage but keep in mind that it does not stack.
      • Have 1-3 stacks of
        . Remember that
        counts as a burst skill. Each stack adds another 7% up to 21% total (with 3 stacks).
      • Trigger
        which goes hand in hand with
        and adds another 10% damage
      • Have 1-5 stacks of
        adding 45 Power and Ferocity per stack
    • On Greatsword:
      • Don't cancel your auto-attack as the third hit deals the most damage
      • is a DPS increase, especially against a wall
      • is worth using between auto-attack chains
    • On Dagger/Axe:
      • Use
        preferably while the target is using a skill
      • is a DPS increase
    • Use
      when there are multiple targets with boons (e.g. MAMA and Assault Knight at 25%), you are not at the target to remove boons in time (e.g. Artsariiv after the split 66% and 33%) or to destroy projectiles (e.g. Imbued Shaman initial Lava Elemental spawn at 75% and final 25%)
  • Full Counter (to trigger
    • block aspect acts similar to Aegis. Thus any attack you would be able to block with Aegis successfully activates