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  • April 29, 2022
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Key Skills
  • Power Damage
The Power Daredevil has great sustained DPS, great burst on stacked trash mobs, good single target burst, brings excellent crowd control and offers Stealth, which paired with top tier mobility thanks to
can enable fast skips in T4s. Daredevil has a very simplistic rotation, which makes it fairly easy to play, but due to initiative and energy management, Daredevil becomes quite hard to master.
In fractals Daredevil falls behind other classes for several reasons:
  1. First reason is
    , which forces Daredevil to constantly attack from behind or flank, which in some scenarios is not possible. (Note: with the latest balance patch, keen observer got buffed, and with at least 204 Agony Resistance Daredevil no longer needs to flank).
  2. Next reason is
    , which depending on your group composition you may not receive as much of a damage bonus as you would in raids where 10 players put more condis to be on the boss.
  3. Because of
    , you may be pushing your teammates on fractals with Mistlock Instability: Social Awkwardness instability into deadly zones.
The build benefits from slaying potions such as
Alternative weapons:
  • Staff with
    and slaying sigils
    doesn't stack anymore)
  • A shortbow to stack Might, Stealth and to skip
With 204 Agony resistance Daredevil is critcapped even without the flank bonus from
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker

Any item with the same stats may be used!

  • Deadlyarts
  • Criticalstrikes
  • Daredevil
Alternative traits
Critical Strikes trait. Heals you with % of damage dealt, useful if you can't stay alive.
Daredevil trait. Healing and condition cleanse on evade.
If no one in your party can boonrip when the Mistlock Instability: No Pain, No Gain instability is present you can swap Deadly Arts for the Trickery line with the following traits:
  • Trickery
Note: this is kind of a meme way to deal with the instability and there are better options!
Alternative skills
Heal skills:
Good passive healing.
Helps to prepare burst with
Additional mobility.
Good for skips where additional endurance is needed.
3rd utility skill:
Good for short phases for additional burst as well as being a CC skill.
With this skill you are crit capped without precision from banner and
, even with 162 AR.
Elite skills:
Amazing cleave ability, may be useful on heavy trash fights or when reflects are needed.
Additional personal DPS.
Amazing crowd control skill. 150 CC per party member on a relatively low coolddown.
Usefull skills for skips
Group stealth. Keep in mind, if you leave the AoE before it ends, you will be revealed for a long period.
Use it to blast Stealth for skips or to destroy projectiles.
3 seconds AoE Stealth (also another blast).
1200 range shadowstep, useful for some skips.
1200 range teleport, use it again to teleport back.
One way portal, useful if you don't have
Blast might with
. Cast
, take mistlock and swap to normal skills. Dodge 2 times, use
and dodge last time, right before fight starts.
  1. (Staff 2)
  2. (**during** Staff 2)
  3. (Staff 2)
  4. (Staff 2)
  5. 2x (Staff 2)
Burst 1: When you have one bar of Endurance and no
  1. Dodge
  2. (Staff 2)
  3. (**during** Staff 2)
  4. (Staff 2)
  5. (Staff 2)
  6. 2x (Staff 2)
Burst 2: When you have no Endurance but have
  1. (F1)
  2. Dodge
  3. (Staff 2)
  4. (**during** Staff 2)
  5. (Staff 2)
  6. (Staff 2)
  7. Dodge
  8. 2x (Staff 2)
Loop while waiting for
to be off cooldown:
  1. =>
    (Staff 1)
  2. Dodge
  3. (Staff 2) (Do it **2x** if you get max Initiative while you are waiting for
You can also activate
to burst for the last few attacks of a fight.
CC skills
200 Defiance bar damage
150 Defiance bar damage per ally
300 Defiance bar damage
Staff 5
is worth using if you can hit 4 or more mobs at once. Especially since staff autoattacks and
can only hit 3 targets. So on big groups of trash mobs you should just spam
and then finish them with
Another amazing shortbow skill is
(Shortbow 2). It is a blast finisher with a low initiative cost. Use it to blast Might and Stealth with fire and smoke fields respectively.
Keep in mind you can precast skills like
and take the mistlock singularity to refresh their coolddown. For example: Precast
, take mistlock, cast
, and swap to
Although Daredevil doesn't have access to Superspeed for
, it still can execute many skips for your party in T4s.
Thief Skips T4s