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  • December 18, 2023
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Key Skills
  • April Fool
Synergy very high
DPS low
Independence very high
Acquiring basicsvery easy
Achieving masteryvery easy
While there is no dedicated healing or tanking classes in Guild Wars 2, I've designed this build to provide the closet equivalent to a Paladin Healer or "Healadin" for fractal runs. The builds survivability is extremly high at the expense of DPS. This is the best heal build to play in fractals and FAR better than that toxic elitist signet share Radiant Heal Firebrand!
  • Cleric
  • Cleric
  • Cleric
  • Cleric
  • Cleric
  • Cleric
  • Cleric
  • Cleric
  • Cleric
  • Cleric

Any item with the same stats may be used!

  • Honor
  • Valor
  • Firebrand
Defiance Bar Damage
150 damage
150 damage
150 damage
Taunt 75/s
The support Manifesto
It is important to rmember you are irreplacable! You are the sole reason your party completes a fractal with a huge carry, they are lucky to have you! The manifesto below outlines all the things you do for your group, so you know exactly what to say if they complain.
So, as we've already got a DPS player complaining about supports, I'll shed some light on the things that I'm doing that many DPS players aren't, so that they aren't getting abused with their super aggressive, often brainless gameplay.
  1. I'm managing Fractal Instabilities like Mistlock Instability: No pain, no gain & Mistlock Instability: Vengeance so that you don't have to. Making sure that you can do an "extra" 33% more damage and don't have to learn how to play classes like Chronomancer or Reaper. Try doing Twilight Oasis with out boon-strip. It is not a fun experience and it really messes with our DPS.
  2. I'm providing important boons like Aegis or Stability so that you don't get knocked off the 2nd/4th islands.
  3. I'm providing
    in-case you get greedy and decide 200-300 DPS is worth more than your life.
  4. I'm adapting my rotation around variable DPS from one day to the next whereas you're at most playing around break-bars and dodging big telegraphs. My rotation is far more "fluid" than yours because it varies both with the skill levels of the players that I'm playing with, the DPS they achieve and the demands instabilities make on my gameplay.
  5. Oh yes, Break-Bars - I'm often using
    because your rotation is more important than teamplay, and saving those skills to help out with break-bars would be a "dps loss."
  6. So ^ I'm breaking out
    because you're a headache. If you aren't contributing any CC then kindly go !@#$ yourself. When you make us break all these out kys. They're awkward and it is not fun to use multiple
    items with ungrateful PuGs.
  7. I'm Stun, Pull and Taunt, dangerous enemies that you rush into.
  8. I'm providing Stability, Resistance and Aegis when you need them. Try playing without them, hrm? hrm?!
  9. I'm thinking ahead about what boons, skills, and utilities we'll need before we need them. "Responsibility."
  10. I'm making more overall decisions related to the entire party than you will do in every daily Fractal because all you have to do is play variations of the same song. Congrats you're a
I have to keep tabs on the DPS, the skill-level (survivability) and the instability augments (eg; Mistlock Instability: We Bleed Fire). I go through several tool-kits worth of problem-solving to ensure that you either (a) don't get hit, (b) get hit don't take damage or (c) are instantly-cleansed before you lose 3/4ths of your HP on your Scourge and Firebrand.
So, yeah, piss supports off, and we'll just run with friends. Many of the players that excel at playing support-classes have deep class pools -- you need us more than we need you. I don't have to pug Fractals at reset. I can grab a bunch of a friends a few hours later and we'll get through them much faster than with a bunch of DPS obsessed gremlins.
The unsung hero of the Honor trait line is
which gives you an AOE heal everytime you dodge roll. Coupled with
this one Trait will account for a great amount of passive healing during normal play. You also have;
provides +5% healing to allies,
procs when aegis procs providing a large self heal to yourself to keep you on your feet and
provides +15% healing to allies, if coupled with all Cleric gear.
In Valor
works in conjunction with
to provide healing to allies whenever a Meditation skill is used. Meanwhile
enhances shield capabilities. Finally
causes all Meditation skills to heal allies.
In Firebrand
provides extra tome pages which allow you to cast more skills that grant Protection, Regen and Stability.
simply increases the passive effects of tomes.
allows you to retain the passive effects of Tomes even when you are using them, this means that you can freely use Tomes without penalty.
All Tomes are built in a similar way:
  • Skill 1 creates an effect in a cone in front of you.
  • Skill 2 creates an effect around you.
  • Skill 3 is a ground target skill.
  • Skill 4 creates a field.
  • Skill 5 grants a unique buff to your allies.
  • Use this Tome mainly for providing a Fire Field.
  • and
    are mostly useless on Heal Firebrand.
  • is a CC. It pulls enemies together and can be used from range.
  • creates a Fire Field that can be used to blast Might.
  • grants an effect to allies that makes them inflict burning on their next attacks.
  • When running Radiance killing certain enemies will lower the cooldown on this Tome. Keep in mind this will not reset the skills in the Tome.
  • A common rotation in this Tome is 4-(5)-exit.
  • Use this Tome for emergency healing and cleansing.
  • heals in a cone in front of you.
  • heals and cleanses conditions.
  • gives some boons but will rarely be used.
  • places a healing field that can also be blasted for extra healing.
  • converts conditions into boons and grants allies an incoming healing modifier.
  • When running Virtues entering this Tome also cleanses conditions.
  • Common rotations in this Tome are 2-5-4-1-2 for maximum sustained healing or 5-4-2-1-1 for maximum burst healing.
  • Use this Tome for massive Stability, Resistance or a reflect.
  • grants Stability.
  • inflicts 1 second of Taunt on the enemy which is a 75/s soft CC.
  • places a bubble that reflects incoming projectiles.
  • places a field that pulses Resistance to allies. This will help dealing with non-damaging conditions such as Blinded and Slow.
  • provides Protection, Aegis, Stability as well as extra Toughness.
  • There is no set rotation in this Tome, use whatever skills you need for their utility and make sure to press Skill 5 as it is an incredibly strong skill.
  • You can camp in this Tome for a few extra seconds to get an extra cast on an important skill, for example a 2nd reflect. However only do this when absolutely needed as you will not have access to the boons and healing your weapon skills provide.
Rotation / Skill usage
For maximum benefit you need to do a complicated precast rotation that uses almost every guardian skill off cooldown. Once you have mastered this you will be one of the best Healadin players out there and is well worth the effort! This is the hard part of the rotation, after the precast it is easy.
Starting on Staff:
  1. (Tome 1-4)
  2. (Staff 2)
  3. Swap to Axe / Focus
  4. Swap to Scepter / Focus
  5. (Scepter 2)
  6. Swap to Greatsword
  7. (Greatsword 4)
  8. Swap to Sword / Shield
  9. Swap to Staff
  10. (Staff 3)
  11. Swap to Axe / Focus
  12. (Axe 2)
  13. (Tome 3-2)
  14. (Tome 3-4)
  15. (Tome 3-5)
  16. (Tome 3-3)
  17. (Tome 3-1)
  18. (Tome 2-3)
  19. (Tome 2-1)
  20. Swap to Axe / Shield
  21. (Shield 4)
  22. (Axe 2)
While doing this spam your mantras off cooldown, and at the end of the rotation swap to Mace / Shield ready to start the fight.
Prestacking Boons
Make Sure to dodge off cooldown for maximum healing output through
  1. Weapon Swap
  2. Repeat from Step 1